Clayton Hallum

Owner / President


He started working for his father at the age of 12 during the summer months in California. Spent each summing paving for his father until his senior year of College.


Graduated from Central Washington University, with a Bachelor's degree in Business, and began his working career paving. Four months after graduation, moved back to Washington to spend 8-years working for Fairbank Construction on Bainbridge Island. While at the same time, running a company called New-Line during the weeknights and weekends. In the spring of 2015, Agate was formed and became his sole focus.

Sean Bauman

Estimator / Motivator


Sean joined the team in 2016. Sean is the lead estimator for Agate but also assists occasionally on paving days. Sean brings more to the team then just his sales experience. He is also our motivator bringing enthusiam and a positive attitude each and every day. Sean's famous line is "High-five the day!"

Zac Foss-Blea

Raker / Roller Operator


Zac joined the team in 2016. With over 10+ years in the paving industry, Zac is a valuable asset to Agate. He is our lead roller man and raker.


Craig Peterson

Paving Foreman


Craig has been in the asphalt industry and pavement marking industry his entire career. With experience ranging from road striping on I-90 over Snoqualmie pass, to paving highways in Eastern Washington. At Agate, Craig spends time both in the prep stage and also on paving day. He is very skilled when it comes to operating a Skid Steer. On paving day, you will see him both on the paving run screed and raking when needed.

John Burns

Operator / Raker

John originally started working for New-line, our sister company, about 6 years ago and worked a couple years. John went off and graduated from Washington State University and realized that paving is just too much fun and returned to the Agate team in 2015. John does it all, Commercial Driver as needed, operator, raker, whatever is needed to complete the task at hand.

Ross Degrow

New-Line Services Inc - Foreman


Ross Degrow started with Agate in 2016. Most of his career has been spent building homes and doing remodels. However, he is a quick learner and quickly has become a very crucial part of the Agate team. In his free time you can catch him wading in the water trying to catch a fish, or hiking up in the Olympics.  Th

Jeremy Pyles

Commercial Driver


Jeremy Pyles is Agate's truck driver responsible for hauling asphalt & rock for our projects, as well as moving all of our equipment from jobsite to jobsite. A vital member of the team and crucial to our success.