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Agate Asphalt is going to be giving away a 100% free driveway this spring. Kitsap County has done so much for our growth since 2014 we thought this would be a fun way to give back to someone in the community. 

If you know of someone that you feel is deserving and in need, who otherwise could not afford one, please fill out the form below and tell us why you think this person deserves a free driveway. 

We will be accepting submissions through March 31st. We will then review all the submissions and narrow down to the TOP 3 Finalists. At that point, we will reconnect with you for more information about the person you are nominating. We want this to be a special surprise gift for the final winner so please don't share your thoughtful nomination with anyone.

The winner will be announced on April 30th!

Thanks for submitting! You are a great person for nominating someone!

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